Wednesday, May 11, 2011

8 reasons to vote against Bend road bond

1) Why subsidize developers, the richest people in our community? It's like subsidizing oil companies, the richest firms in the world, as they gouge us at the pump.

2) New developments caused a majority of our road problems and, with this bond, developers won't have to pay anything for roads. Pahlisch won't have to contribute a dime toward the cost of the roundabout at 15th and Reed Market even though it was part of the conditions of approval for his subdivision on 15th Street.

3) The city stopped collecting building-impact fees (SDCs) for roads, water and sewers. Again, why do we need to subsidize developers?

4) The entire burden for Bend's roads falls on property owners, even those who don't even use the roads.

5) The real reason for this bond was to put in a roundabout at Empire and 18th so that the city could continue developing Juniper Ridge, which has already sucked out most of our discretionary tax dollars with few results. There is little reason to think that Juniper Ridge won't siphon off far more of the $30 million bond than the city admits.

6) A gas tax is the best option, but the city refused to even let voters decide on one. Tourists and daily commuters from other cities don't have to pay anything for the roads they drive on in Bend. Also, Sisters imposed a gas tax and they've already collected enough from their three gas stations in one year to pay for road repairs and improvements.

7) Until the city asks all stakeholders -- property owners, visitors and developers who have an impact on our roads -- to contribute their fair share, voters should vote NO on this road bond.

8) The double majority rule is NOT in effect. This means that if only 30 percent of the electorate votes, the results are valid.  As of Monday, only 14 percent of voters turned in their ballots. Again, the bond measure does not need a 50 percent turnout for the vote to count. So be sure to vote NO and turn in your ballot by May 17.

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  1. They want to build a traffic circle at Simpson and Mt. Washington when two more stops signs would solve the intersection's problem. Also, police should enforce the 35 mph speed limit. Let lawbreakers help pay for law enforcement, instead of imposing more property taxes.