Thursday, May 26, 2011

Palin running for president ....

... of Twitterland.

Or maybe it's Facebookland.

With Sarah Palin, it's hard to know because she uses Facebook and Twitter so much she could run either one.

As Palin rolls out her presidential campaign this weekend disguised as a family vacation to the birthplaces of America, she'll get yet another 15 minutes of fame.

Not that she needs it. She's already had more 15 minutes of fame than Andy Warhol.

At this rate, she could have her own reality show. Oh wait, cross that off her "bucket list," she's done that.

But, that was Alaska, a place almost as un-American as Hawaii. Palin not only quit halfway into her one term as governor of The Last Frontier, she apparently has now bailed on her beloved state by moving to Arizona.

No, what America needs more than $3 gas is a Palin reality show aired directly from the White House.

Talk about transparency.

It would air on Fox, of course.

Just think how entertaining it would be to see Palin pout about the latest criticism of her in the "lamestream" media. She could be settling scores with critics for her entire half-term before she moves back to Scottsdale.

Actually, it's bad news for Republicans to have Palin in the picture.

It'll be far worse, though, if she decides to run as a third-party candidate.

A Tea Party Express? That would be appropriate. Doesn't tea come from China along with everything else?

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