Monday, May 16, 2011

Low turnout favors road bond passage

Only those motivated by the chance at working on roads again appear to be voting on the $30 million road bond.

Turnout, as of last Friday, was less than 19 percent.

I'm sure many voters are assuming that if they don't vote, turnout won't reach 50 percent and the bond will fail because it didn't reach that threshold.

However, the so-called "double-majority" rule is not in play during this election, so even a fraction of registered voters will decide the fate of the bond.

That favors the voters who want to see it passed.

The biggest losers will be those voters who don't want it to pass and fail to vote.

I've never been in favor of the double-majority rule passed by voters in the 1990s. It rewards the lazy citizen and the non-voter.

But, this bond also rewards bad behavior. It lets developers skirt their responsibilities to this city. They won't have to mitigate any impact their developments have on our community. The new developments are a major reason why this road bond is even necessary.

If you want to participate in our democracy, then vote. Otherwise, keep a lid on it.


  1. Thank God this thing is going to pass. You sound like Barbara McAusland and her ilk. A bunch of Antis that moved here from somewhere else, and want to close the door behind themselves.

  2. Yay! The people of this town did the right thing. We can all rejoice. Hallelujah!

  3. It's sad as this will bring no new jobs. The companies doing the road construction have the staff they need to do these small project. We just bought work for 100 people who make less than $60K a year at the cost of $30 million.

    I was unaware that God played a hand in local ballot measures...clearly you're delusional on things other than what this ballot measure passing will do for Bend.