Thursday, February 23, 2012

Apple exploits in America, too

Data center: Warehouse full of computer servers
with few workers
Apple got cored recently in the New York Times over its exploitation of workers in China.

Now, Oregon is saying, "hey, Apple, exploit us, too."

Last week, when the Oregon Legislature passed the "Facebook" bill to not tax data centers in enterprise zones for 15 years, Apple quickly bought 160 acres near Prineville for $5.6 million, according to news reports.

Apple, apparently, is going to build another data center near Facebook's two centers there.

If there is one thing that two of the richest companies in America cannot afford is taxes.

Taxes are for the fools who haven't figured out how to exploit local and state governments in granting them tax exemptions.

In fact, it's a strategy of many corporations to extract as many concessions as possible from desperate government entities.

I mean, they're bringing "jobs," which is more important than anything else.

Of course, the employment numbers at the data centers are just a few dozen people, most of whom are hired from outside the area. Yes, these workers, presumably, will pay state income taxes, which is how Oregon primarily funds itself.

And, as I've noted before, schools in Crook County continue to struggle financially. Having poorly funded schools is not attractive to most families raising kids.

But, Facebook and Apple don't care about their workers that much. These wealthy corporations are  coming to Central Oregon for the usual business reasons: they need to be in this geographic area with its relatively cheap land, lower energy costs and pliant governments.

Those dots on their strategic plans don't include "quality of life" or public education or public safety or decent roads.

Now, if we could all just incorporate our families and bargain for lower property taxes on our homes.

Hey, it works for people who have money to burn but choose to burn yours and mine instead.

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