Friday, February 3, 2012

Obama losing (Wall) Street cred

It comes as no surprise that Mitt Romney's rate of return from Wall Street, in terms of campaign donations, is about 5 to 1 over President Obama, who did well with Wall Streeters last go-around.

Afterall, Mitt is one of them, a venture (vulture?) capitalist. He understands them and their needs.

What do they need besides lower taxes, tax-free repatriation of offshore accounts and no government oversight?

Well, they want a little love. Check out this story.

Apparently, some Wall Streeters are "hurt" that Obama uses terms like "fat cats" when describing them. Poor babies. Here's another $10 million bonus. Feel better?

They can't understand why Obama doesn't speak of them with glowing praise for all that they do.

And what do they do after destroying the economies of the Western World, looting the federal treasury for bailouts and then heading to the Caribbean to stash all their cash?

Well, for starters, they make more money.

The NASDAQ reached an 11-year high today while the DOW flirted with a four-year high.

One thing Wall Streeters don't do is create jobs outside of their own incestuous realm.

While the unemployment rate fell in January, Wall Street rallied today behind another "jobless" recovery.

Wall Streeters and "fat cat" bankers have little comprehension of what main streeters are going through.

Mitt sums up their attitudes when he says, "I like to fire people" or that he "he doesn't care about the very poor."

Wall Streeters care about Wall Streeters, nothing more and nothing less.

Because many on Wall Street are obscenely rich, they believe their worth to society is far greater than anyone else's.

Well, it isn't.

Wall Streeters aren't worthless. But until they can tie their own shoes, make their own beds, grow their own food, put out their own fires, teach their own kids, clean their own suits, fix their own plumbing or even change a light bulb, they aren't worth that much.

It would help, of course, if they created a few jobs outside of those few positions in the prostitution and drug-trafficking industries.

Wall Streeters, though, insist they are adept at creating jobs -- overseas and in Mexico. Ole!


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