Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winner of GOP primaries/caucuses? Obama

Every time Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich wins a primary or caucus, even the non-binding ones, it's a win for President Obama.

The reason is that those two knuckleheads have absolutely no chance against Obama in the general election.

While Gingrich won just one primary, the South Carolina slime-fest, Santorum racked up four wins: Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney won easily in New Hampshire, Florida and Nevada.

And yet Mitt, despite batting 3 for 8, is the clear front-runner, according to politicos and the GOP establishment.

The problem is that a lot of Republicans aren't smitten with Mittens. In fact, the turnout Tuesday was down substantially from four years ago.

But, come November, will these elephants hate Obama enough to hold their noses and pick Mitt, their RINO?

That's the strategy Mitt is counting on.

Hatred, though, only goes so far. It can help bring out some of the base, but what about independents and any Democrats?

At some point, Mitt needs to show the independent voter that he is more than a callous, clueless Wall Street bankster.

Or that he has much of a pulse.

The turnout Tuesday was 6 percent in Missouri while it was less than 2 percent in Minnesota and Colorado.

Do Republicans just assume Mitt's their man and don't need to turn out and vote? Or, are they so disgusted with their choices that they just don't care?

Either way, it all benefits Obama.

While Democrats accuse Republicans of working to suppress voter turnout in key battleground states, it appears that Mitt is actually suppressing the Republican vote.

The GOP should be more concerned about Mitt's inability to energize Republicans, let alone anyone else.

Mitt's campaign slogan is: "Believe in America."

Perhaps it should be: "Believe in me, pretty please."

For now, though, I'll root for Newt, Rick and Ron, the three stooges.

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