Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Does anyone care about Iran?

Personally, I do not.

I know there are many who do, namely Israelis, understandably.

But, we're in America and somehow we're supposed to be wrought up in the daily war of words between the two Middle East countries.

No, it is not good that Iran develops a nuclear weapon or two. But, that's the way of the world and weapons.

It'll take awhile, but eventually most countries will have some form of nuclear weaponry. Israel does.

Plus, Iran saw what happened to Iraq, which had no weapons of mass destruction and was invaded because it didn't.

Another unintended consequence of the Iraq war is that it accelerated the pace at which countries, rogue or not, are developing weapons of mass destruction.

Once Iran gets WMDs, Israel and the U.S. won't attack or invade that Islamic country.

The most dangerous country in the world, North Korea, is left largely alone because it has WMDs.

If Israel does attack Iran before it develops a nuke, we'll get blamed and dragged into another war over oil.

But, enough is enough.

If Israel wants to strike Iran, or vice-versa, then so be it.

There isn't much we can do about it.

Israel ceded the moral high ground when it chose to expand settlements in the occupied territories.

Iran has long ceded any ground whatsoever when it forced an Islamic republic upon a citizenry that didn't really want it. Plus, the leadership there says some alarming things about destroying Israel.

Such talk could lead to MAD: mutually assured destruction, which is a doctrine that has deterred World War III for more than 60 years now.

Neither side wants our counsel.

And, they'll pay for it.

Or, more likely, we're paying for it in the form of higher gas prices, greater instability in the Middle East and another potential petroleum war.


  1. I hope that Israel takes them out. All of the problems started with Iran when Jimmy Carter didn't have the guts to send in troops when they took our people hostage. Reagan compounded the problem by trading arms for hostages. If either Israel or the US just bombs the crap out of them then the next bunch of Islamic Yahoos will think twice about messing with us. John McCain was right... Bomb, Bomb, Bomb...Bomb, Bomb Iran!

    1. Don't forget who has put this Islamic governments in power to begin with.Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran and Taliban in Afghanistan were both sponsored by CIA. Back then they were afraid of Communism and Muslim Fundamentalists were the best defense against the soviets. Plus the oil in that region has brought misery to the people as well. War is good business for weapon industries. How come no one complains about North Korea having nuclear weapons. Saddam Hussein did not have any obviously. Remember Republicans like war. It is good business. You need to read the history and see the damage it has been done to those nations. England had a lot to do with this mess to begin with. They did not want democracy in Iran. They also helped fanatics to gain power. Things are not black and white. It is all about Oil.