Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The fix was in and we're not surprised

A story in The Oregonian shows how the Northwest got hosed by high gas prices this spring and that it was price-fixing at its worst.

How bad was it?

Well, the guy who helped expose Enron's bogus business model says we were had to the tune of $48 million -- per day.


Even some of our federal lawmakers are calling for an investigation.

No one is surprised that we live under an "oiligarchy."

Still, this is an outrage.

Talk about trying to kill a recovery. Big Oil, along with big banks, sure don't want the Northwest's economy to rebound.

Too bad we won't nationalize our banks and oil companies. But, that's what they deserve.

This is all the more reason why President Obama should get re-elected because these institutions are doing everything they can to thwart him.

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