Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mitt goes witless in London

Meet Mitt, Anglo-Saxon
In the midst of Mitt Romney's overseas trip to prove his foreign policy bona fides, it wasn't enough for an unnamed Romney staffer to say that Mitt understands the "Anglo-Saxon" connection with England and implying that President Obama does not.

In other words, the Romney campaign was saying "Mitt's white, Barack's not."

No, the Mitt-wit had to step in it by questioning London's preparation for the Summer Olympic Games and whether the British would even show up for the Games.


For a Mormon to rescue the 2002 Winter Games from the bribery mess that other Mormons created is a bit hypocritical.

But, the Mitt-wit wasn't done.

He met with various British officials including the head of MI6, the foreign intelligence unit of the British intelligence agency.

Yet, going against protocol, the Mitt-wit told reporters he met with the top official of MI6.

On the upside for the Mitt-wit, the Olympic Games themselves should overshadow anything that comes out of his mouth.

After London, where Mitt's wife has a horse in the equestrian competition, Romney heads to Poland and Israel.

In Poland, maybe Mitt, like Bush II, will apologize to Poles for "letting" them come under Soviet rule for decades. Or maybe Mitt knows a really good Pollack joke.

And, in Israel, maybe the Mitt-wit will push for more Israeli settlements in the West Bank. That would be helpful. Or, he could ask the Israeli prime minister if there is any more Jewish Holocaust survivors that the Mormon church could baptize as its own.

After this trip, Romney may wish he had toured Switzerland and the Caribbean, where he stashes his cash from American taxation, so he could fondle his money.

This Mitt-wit is no statesman.

Let's hope he doesn't get any closer to the White House than he is now in London.

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