Saturday, July 14, 2012

Obama boxes Romney into corner

Now, that's what I'm talking about!

When Mitt-wit Romney demanded an apology from President Obama over attacks on Mitt's Bain Capital years, he got this TV ad in response:

It's been a long time coming for a Democrat to come out swinging so hard at his opponent.

The 30-second ad not only ravages Mitt's years at Bain, but it also mocks his "patriotism."


You see these kinds of ads all the time from Republicans, from the Willie Horton ad during Bush I's 1988 campaign to Bush II's ad trashing John Kerry's decorated service in Vietnam to the ad comparing Max Cleland, who became a double amputee during his service in Vietnam, to Osama bin Laden.

Those ads were crude, rude and groundless.

The Obama ad above is so compelling because it's true.

Plus, Obama is not hiding behind some nameless, faceless Super Pac in this ad. No, he's taking the fight directly to Romney's supposed strengths.

Here's what one commenter on the Wall Street Journal website had to say about the ad:

Speaking as a Republican, I must say this ad is devastating for Romney. I don’t like the ad, but I have to begrudgingly respect Team Obama’s political instincts on this one. Romney needs to step up his game before his opponent defines and disqualifies him in front of a small but crucial part of the electorate.
Remember, unemployment has fallen more in some swing states than the national average. For example it’s 5.6% in Virginia. Team Obama know how to win an election, they’ve been building turnout and grassroots operations for 5 years and have a fully vetted ticket. Romney cannot afford another few weeks of saying, “I did not have fiduciary relations with that entity.”

We normally wouldn't see this Obama ad in Oregon because we are not a swing state. 

Thank god for YouTube. Now, we can all share this ad around the country and the world to show who the Mitt-wit really is.

Good job Team Obama. Keep up the good fight.

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