Friday, July 13, 2012

Romney will pick Portman as V.P.

Rob Portman of Ohio
Amid all the chatter that Condoleeza Rice is being considered as Mitt Romney's running mate, is the logical argument that she presents no upsides for the Mitt-wit.

Aside from being aligned with the one of the worst presidents in U.S. history that embroiled this country in the Iraq fiasco, Rice brings no constituency, other than Stanford grads, to the campaign.

Rice is from California, which has no chance of turning "red" this November.

As demonstrated at the NAACP convention this week, almost all African-Americans will be voting for President Obama this fall. Romney baited the NAACP crowd to boo him this week so that it would rally the racist base of the GOP.

Rice is also pro-choice which is unacceptable to the other large faction of the Republican Party.

The other possible V.P. candidate is Marco Rubio, the junior senator from Florida, another crucial swing state.

But, the Republican base, which is inherently racist, will not stand for an Hispanic within a heartbeat of the presidency.

Plus, Rubio is not likely to tip the balance among the Hispanic bloc of voters, which is solidly in Obama's camp.

Also, Rubio has a bit of Mormonism in his past, which will freak out the evangelical base of the GOP.

Romney and his staffers possess calculators and the calculation for V.P. points to the junior senator from Ohio, Rob Portman. 

Portman appeals to Republicans because he is white, male and bland, but not overweight. Plus, he's not Mormon but a Methodist, like George W. Bush.

But, the only reason Portman will be on the ticket is that he is from the No. 1 swing state in the nation, Ohio. 

By picking Portman, the Romney henchmen calculate that he would bring Ohio, and its crucial 18 electoral votes, into the fold.

There is no chance that Romney will pick a southerner to the ticket because he is already ensured almost all the southern states, outside of Florida, Virginia and, to a lesser extent, North Carolina.

If Romney doesn't pick Portman, he has no chance of winning in November. With Portman at his side, he has a slim chance of winning.

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