Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The new 'compassionate' conservative

There are so many stories across the country that reveal the soul of the Grand Old Party.

First, health care reform that the Supreme Court ruled is Constitutional.

Yes, Republicans hate it and most Americans are confused by "Obamneycare," which is what President Obama signed into law patterned after what Mitt Romney signed into law in Massachusetts.

The goal of "Obamneycare" is to provide health care to all people in America.

This disturbs at least six GOP governors, who vow to reject "Obamnycare," leaving 4 million in their states without access to health care.

Or, how about a Republican senate candidate saying that he "prays" that the media stop covering "sob stories" about poor people.

Or, how about a one-person GOP "death panel." A Republican member of the House of Representatives, which will vote Thursday for the 31st time to repeal "Obamneycare," doesn't believe someone with a "massive tumor" should get treatment for it.

The GOP governor of Arizona is asking the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling  in that state allowing health benefits to same-sex couples.

The female GOP governor of South Carolina vetoed a bill that funded prevention programs for rape and sex abuse because they are a "distraction" from the role of the state health department.

By the way, South Carolina ranks seventh in the country for number of women killed by men, and has had a rate of sexual violence higher than the national average since 1982.

Meanwhile, Romney is so rich he doesn't even know where all his money is stashed. 

"I don't manage them," he said of his offshore investments. "I don't even know where they are."

Must be nice.

Just another wacky week of stories of the new "compassionate conservative."

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