Friday, September 28, 2012

Anti-Obama hysteria proves fatal for family

With Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the right-wing gloom-and-doom media peddling the most insane conspiracy theories regarding President Obama, it's not a complete surprise that violence would be the solution.

Here's a sad, grim story of a man who killed his wife and teen-age sons before killing himself because, with polls showing Obama way ahead of Mitt Romney, he could not fathom living with the possibility of Obama winning a second term.

Too bad he didn't catch on with the "poll-truther" movement that claims all the polls over-sample Democrats and are, therefore, completely bogus.

The "poll-truthers" claim that Romney is way ahead of Obama. Even Stephen Colbert tells viewers to disregard the "scientific gobbledygook" of conventional polling. By the way, Fox News shows Obama up by 5 percentage points in their scientific poll. In Fox's unscientific poll, 90 percent of Fox's viewers believe Romney will win the election.

Anyway, I had intended to write a post after the election, should Obama win, about the mental instability of some anti-Obama nutcases.

But, with this tragic case in Virginia this week, the time is now.

For those of you who believe that America will cease to exist if Obama prevails on Nov. 6, please do not "stand your ground."

Please, don't buy a gun and try to kill the president.

Please, don't buy an assault weapon and try to kill the nearest Democrat.

Please, don't buy a Glock handgun and kill your wife and children or anyone else.

But, if you feel as if there is no way out and that violence is your only option, please, and I say this with all due respect, just kill yourself first.

By killing yourself before harming anyone else, you will be doing this world a tremendous favor.

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  1. I voted for Obombya but cheering the lesser of two evils is nothing to be proud of.

    "The general population doesn't know what's happening, and it doesn't even know it doesn't know." ~ Noam Chomsky