Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The trouble with Mitt, GOP

As the Democrats do their thing in North Carolina, it's worth noting that Mitt Romney's bounce from the GOP convention was decidedly less than average.

Intrade has Barack Obama up to 58.3 percent chance of winning while Mitt is down to 41.5 percent.

Maybe this story helps explain why Mitt's speech didn't help him in the polls.

In spite of holding the GOP convention in Florida, Mitt still can't see daylight in the Sunshine State.

In addition to being a Mormon, a religion that much of the GOP base does not trust, Mitt has that rich-guy air about him that doesn't connect with the average unemployed worker.

In fact, Mitt embodies a corporate America that eliminated or outsourced millions of American jobs.

Here's a little primer about Mitt's dubious Bain way to weath by pit bull reporter Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone magazine. It shows how Mitt made his Cayman cash by creating debt that others were forced to pay back.

Granted, Rolling Stone is not the Wall Street Journal, and thank god for that. Taibbi's dad, though, is a reporter for NBC.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Koch brothers and Karl Rove are giving up on Romney winning Pennsylvania. Without the Keystone State, Mitt's chance of becoming the next president are dramatically reduced.

It's not hopeless for Mitt, but it ain't looking good either. The demographics don't help him either.

This quote, from Republican Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.),  doesn't help the GOP cause:

"The demographics race we're losing badly," said Graham in the Washington Post last week. "We're not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term."

But, there is at least one angry white Republican woman standing for Obama.

Of course, the GOP does have the lasting image of Clint Eastwood scolding an empty chair.

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