Thursday, September 13, 2012

The pulse of America

If you want to know what the right-wingnuts really think about President Obama, you have to look at the comments on right-wing media.

Unfortunately, Fox News no longer lets surfers, like me, check out the comments on their stories, which are uniformly anti-Obama.

That's because the comments were so over-the-top racist that they became a source of embarrassment for the network. That, in itself, is surprising since Fox News exists, to a large extent, to widen the racial divide in this country.

But, we have that other Rupert Murdoch news source, called the Wall Street Journal, to save the day for the angry white folk out there.

Here's a little sample:

"If America reelects Obama I'm leaving the country. My first choice for a new country to live in would be the Republic of Texas." -- James Walton
"I blame the public school system. We really are graduating dolts. If you don't believe me, look at the polls." -- Noelle Mueller
"If this nation is hell bent on electing Hussein Obama despite the recent Middle East crisis (courtesy of Jimmy Carter 2.0 aka Obama), then this nation rightly deserves to be doomed to failure." -- Ethan Kohl
"Don't believe the Democrats, don't believe the polls and don't believe the MSM. Obama's entire presidency has been a disaster and no one in their right mind is going jump and and down cheering: 'Hey I want four more years of failure under Obama!'. The American people are not stupid! Think for yourselves. Obama is going down in November." -- Maria Bonanno

They do have the occasional contrarian viewpoint:

"Read 'em and weep wingnuts. WItless Mittens and Lyin' Ryan could not win a race to the outhouse."-- Laurence Voss

There is no denying the fact that there is tremendous hatred out there in the electorate for President Obama.

Much of that hatred is totally racist. About 5 percent is legitimate criticism.

But, 5 percent doesn't win you an election to anything.

After the conventions, Obama surged to a lead in the polls, not only nationally, but also in key swing states like Ohio, Florida and Virginia.

Not to beat a dead horse, but if Obama wins Ohio, and we should know that before the polls close on the West Coast on Nov. 6, then it is curtains for Romney and his delusional followers.

On Intrade, Obama is now at 64.7 percent while Romney has plummeted to 35.4 percent.

In other words, the Mitt-wit is trending down while Obama is trending up.

Of course, there is always an "October surprise." 

But, judging from the September surprise of the embassy attacks in the Middle East, it's safe to say that Obama is clearly more presidential than Romney.

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