Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Six weeks left: Curtains for Mittens?

Bad hair day for Mitt 
Got another solicitation for money in the mail yesterday from Mitt Romney's faltering presidential campaign.

They've got to be desperate to ask a minimum of $1,000 from me. Why would anyone give a mega-millionaire a red cent?

The poll numbers, particularly in the swing states of Ohio, Florida and Virginia, are not looking good for Mitt. He's even losing the crucial NASCAR vote.

Also, the Intrade spread keeps getting wider. President Obama is at nearly 73 percent and Mitt is trolling just above 27 percent.

Nate Silver's "FiveThirtyEight" blog gives Obama's chance of winning re-election at nearly 80 percent.

When the Wall Street Journal reported these dismal Romney numbers last week, commenters on the Rupert Murdoch-owned website accused the Journal of becoming another "left-wing rag."

As Stephen Colbert noted a few years ago, "reality has a well-known liberal bias."

Naturally, Mitt hasn't helped himself.

When his wife's plane had to make an emergency landing because of smoke on board, Mitt wondered why airplane windows don't roll down.

When challenged about health insurance and the uninsured on "60 Minutes," the Mitt-wit said the uninsured can always go to the emergency room.

Of course, a few years ago, Mitt referred to the reliance on the emergency room for health care: "If that's not a form of socialism, I don't know what is."

The only hope for Mitt is the first debate next week in Denver on Oct. 3. He'll likely get a nudge upward in the polls. Mitt should come across as polished, likable and good-looking.

But, it seems like it will be too little, too late.

It seems that Team Obama has done a better job of defining Mittens than Team Romney has.

The strategy worked for W in 2004 when his campaign turned a decorated Vietnam War veteran into a traitor. Given that campaign, it's amazing that any serviceman or woman would ever vote Republican, but they still do, by a wide margin.

But, it won't matter. The only thing Mitt will command is his offshore accounts in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands and god knows where else.

GOP voter-suppression efforts to combat the non-existent problem of "voter fraud" seem to be losing in the courts.

The problem with Mitt is Mitt. He's a one-man "vote-suppression" machine.

We can only hope that Mitt suppresses the vote for down-ticket candidates in Oregon and other states.

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