Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hovekamp for state rep

If Oregon House District 54 does indeed have more Democrats than Republicans, then it's time to restore some sanity in Bend and elect Nathan Hovekamp.

Hovekamp, an educator and former school board member, knows this community well and what it needs.

It doesn't need current Rep. Jason Conger, who is more interested in limiting the rights of women than he is in creating any jobs. Conger conspired with Tim Knopp to drive the only female legislator from Central Oregon, fellow Republican Chris Telfer, from office. That was shameful.

Conger is an extremist on social issues and is out of step with most Oregonians including most of the people who live in his district.

Also, Conger claims he is pro-public education yet he home-schools his kids.

Conger backs repeal of the estate tax which will cost Oregon millions of dollars, further damaging public education at all levels.

Conger backs Realtors as they try to push an increasing property tax burden on homeowners by banning any attempt by the government to even consider a real estate transfer tax. The transfer tax eats into a Realtor's profit and so they are vehemently opposed to it. Naturally, there is no real estate transfer tax in Bend and there are no plans to institute one.

By supporting measures that cripple the government's ability to raise money to pay for higher education or an expanded sewer system in Bend, Conger is anti-growth.

Also, by banning revenue streams that could offset higher property taxes, Conger favors saddling property owners with skyrocketing property taxes.

End the hypocrisy of Conger by voting Nathan Hovekamp as Bend's representative in Salem.

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