Friday, October 5, 2012

K-nope on Knopp for state office

Loren Parks, Tim Knopp's sugar daddy
Got a postcard flier in the mail the other day from "Common Sense for Oregon PAC" that supposedly gives a thumbnail sketch of the two candidates for a state Senate seat in Bend.

The flier asks you to mail the postcard of your preferred candidate to the PAC's office in Salem.

Well the mailer is another hit job from Republican Tim Knopp (yes, it rhymes with nope).

He's the master of dirty politics in Bend.

Last spring, he made a shocking entry into the GOP primary at the last possible moment and blindsided the incumbent, Chris Telfer.

It is extremely rare for Republicans to challenge a capable and accomplished office-holder.

But, Telfer had the misfortune of working with Democrats in Salem to pass legislation. She put the interests of the citizens of her district and the state instead of the interests of the GOP.

This mirrors the national trend. Republicans refuse to work with Democrats for the good of the country.

It's always party first for Republicans.

Well, Telfer got smeared by Knopp and was abandoned by other GOP legislators in Central Oregon.

Knopp, who previously served in the Oregon House of Representatives, has a big war chest of money in which to defeat Democrat Geri Hauser, a newcomer to elective politics.

He won't need much money because Republicans hold a substantial lead in voter registrations in the district.

This doesn't stop Knopp from slinging mud. He loves it. Afterall, he is a "family man."

Well, there was a little debate earlier this week in which Knopp got a taste of his own medicine.

One of Knopp's benefactors is a character named Loren Parks, the single biggest donor to mostly conservative causes in the history of Oregon politics.

But, Parks has a seamier, kinky side as reported here. In essence, Parks runs Psychological Research Foundation in which he has hypnotized several women to have sex with them.

Well, to her credit, Hauser pointed out in the debate that Knopp was a hypocrite for taking money from such a creep as Parks and still claim he's a "family man."

Basically, Knopp doesn't care where the money comes from. His standards are that low.

We don't need Knopp back in Salem. We don't need a hypocrite who puts party loyalty above all else.

Vote for Hauser.

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  1. At a forum on 10/2/12, Tim rightly pointed out that Hauser has an endorsement from Planned Parenthood which has received over $100,000 from Loren Parks. This makes Hauser a hypocrite.