Friday, November 9, 2012

GOP to Latinos: We like tacos

Remember that cell phone ad about an office group that gets together at lunch to nosh tacos with one guy who didn't get the text message?

Well, that guy who said, "I like tacos," represents the current Republican Party: Out of touch and tactless, too.

Now, after looking at the detritus of their electoral debacle on Tuesday, when the Hispanic/Latino bloc proved an enormous benefit to Democrats, Republicans are now saying they must win over the Hispanic vote.

Let's be clear, Republicans still don't like Mexicans, they just want to figure out how to get their vote.

From Sean Hannity to John Boehner to Rupert Murdoch, Republicans have raised the white flag on fighting immigration reform. No mas.

Getting bull-whipped at the polls will do that to you.

But, the GOP's Hispanic problem goes deeper than immigration.

The Republican Party converted former "Dixiecrats" to the GOP beginning with civil rights legislation in the mid-1960s to Richard Nixon's "Southern Strategy" to Ronald Reagan's restoration of white supremacy in the 1980s.

Now, the entire South bleeds GOP "red."

The Republican Part doesn't do "brown" or "black" or "yellow."

The GOP doubled down on embracing racists and rednecks because, afterall, whites make up the vast majority of voters.

But, such politics of racial-class warfare no longer work in America.  Many whites side with their fellow Americans no matter their color or creed.

The Republican Party, though, is the proud party of whites.

And, the GOP asks: "You gotta problem with that?"

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