Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obama should win, but GOP vote fraud persists

President Obama is on track to capture 300 electoral votes, barring the usual Republican vote-fraud and vote-suppression schemes.

Here's a partial rundown of what the GOP is up to:

1) In Clackamas County, Ore., which encompasses many Portland suburbs, an election worker was caught completing unfilled ballots by marking blank them for Republican candidates. 

2) Ohio's secretary of state ignores court order and moves to destroy potentially legitimate ballots. Plus, volunteers for a voter-suppression group were installed as election officials in Ohio.

3) A Republican in Las Vegas is arrested for attempting to vote twice.

4) More GOP voter-suppression efforts in Wisconsin.

5) Investigation widens to focus on GOP firm after a Republican operative in Virginia dumped voter registration forms that were not Republican.

6) A story on GOP voter-suppression efforts in Florida and how they could turn the tide for Mitt Romney.

There is absolutely no doubt that the GOP is doing all it can to steal another election.

It's time for Democrats to get it back.



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  1. Already making excuses, eh? There there, big fella, it'll all be over pretty soon.