Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Park district bond passes

Bond included safe river passage plus whitewater play area
Surprisingly, the $29 million bond, put on the ballot by the Bend parks district, passed by 52 percent to 48 percent.

In these tough economic times, with huge, far more important bond measures -- schools, sewer, water -- facing property taxpayers next year, it was amazing this thing passed.

It doesn't really do much for park district patrons, although the river chute under the Colorado Bridge should save some lives. It also was a way for OSU-Cascades to get voter support for its Shevlin Center "campus" while not asking directly for it

Essentially, the bond is another way for the local construction/development industry to make a living off of the government.

And then, these same people turn around and complain about government spending. Classic hypocrites.

The park district bond spells trouble for the school district's bond and also the bond for an expanded sewer system. Most Bend homes are not served by the current sewer system. Also, the local beer industry is overwhelming the sewer system.

Anyway, it is what it is. The park district bond may enhance Bend's livability, but it comes at a steep price now, and down the road.


  1. So happy this passed. Increases my desire to bring my progressive family and live in Bend. Continue to enjoy your blog

    1. Bring a lot of money with you, Duane!

    2. Anonymous, Yes I know. Bend actually has a lower cost of living than the NV region where we live now. That said one in college and 2 more starting over the next 3 years could be the real financial barrier to an adventure in Bend.

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