Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Apple scams Prineville, state

As Apple shows off its latest iPad and TV setup, it comes to light that its new data center in Prineville will hire no workers at all.

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

That's what we were promised as the state recently granted Apple a 15-year reprieve from property taxes. All those workers would be paying state income taxes and we would all be better off.

No so fast.

The local daily says that Apple's small, 10,000-square foot data center "will operate independently of any staff requirements with only routine maintenance required."

That's right, Apple won't even need a single janitor.

As for secondary jobs, well, there won't be much need to over-stock the 7-Eleven in Prineville or hire a new cashier at McDonald's.

This slap in the face is well-deserved by politicians and business leaders for not asking anything of the richest company in the world.

As noted in an earlier post, Apple is worth more than Exxon-Mobil. Its stock price is $534.16 per share as of this writing this morning. Apple is worth more than Microsoft and Google combined.

And yet, somehow, Apple couldn't afford property taxes in one of Oregon's poorest counties.

No, Apple doesn't owe this country anything. It doesn't need to rescue our economy. It just needs to create "cool" products and be obscenely rich.

Think different. Buy Samsung.

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