Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Local advertisers love Limbaugh

Rush "Slut" Limbaugh is losing advertisers after his tirade last week against Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University Law School student who testified before Congress about contraception.

Apparently, more than two dozen national advertisers have bailed on his radio program including Sleep Number, Quicken Loans, AOL, Geico, Sears, John Deere and others. Also, two radio stations ended their affiliation with Rush.

Locally, though, advertisers still love Rush and his misogynistic, bigoted, racist, sexist and hate-filled commentary.

I forced myself to listen to Rush today on KBND just to hear the advertisements.

Here's a partial list of local advertisers:

* The Furniture Outlet
* Pacwest Homes
* Sun Forest Construction
* DL Drury Custom Woodworks
* Powder House
* Oxford Hotel
* Indian Head Casino
* Mid-Oregon Credit Union
* Jake's Diner
* D & D Bar & Grill
* Pahlisch Homes
* 7 Peaks Paving
* Smolich Motors
* Mountain View Imports
* Toyota-Scion of Bend
* Adair Homes
* Bend Urology (although, fittingly, they're plugging vasectomies)
* Lohr Real Estate
* Premier West Bank
* Resort Spas & Billiards

I don't need to boycott any of those advertisers because I don't use their services or products anyway.

There is plenty of commentary out there about this latest Limbaugh controversy, but I'll link to just two:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
The Colbert Report

As the late radio man Paul Harvey use to say: Good ....................... day.

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