Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A new low in local debates

The Tea Party held a debate for Deschutes County Commission candidates on Monday and shockingly, the Democratic candidates showed up.

The Tea Party, being affiliated with Republicans, already sponsored a presidential GOP debate.

But, it is certain that the Tea Party won't be sponsoring a presidential debate this fall because national Democrats would rightly object to such a travesty.

The Redmond branch of Central Oregon Patriots (COP) sponsored the local event.

According to the daily newspaper in Bend, the debate opened with a prayer that included the phrase "to make this a Christian nation again."


One of the missions of COP and other teabaggers is to get government to strictly adhere to the Constitution. Well, nowhere does it say that America is a Christian nation.

Also, the article noted that some questions went unanswered when "they covered issues that commissioners do not face."

I'm sure these questions concerned abortion and gay marriage. Maybe, bombing Iran was in there, too.
Did they ask if they believed President Obama was a Muslim or U.S. citizen? These are questions that county officials across the land grapple with everyday. Not.

And, of course, no teabagging Republican debate would be complete without the obligatory reference to Ronald Reagan.

The commission candidates were asked, according to the paper, "to rate their political ideology from one -- for Ronald Reagan -- to 10 for, Barack Obama."


There are many in Deschutes County who claim they are card-carrying members of the Tea Party.

But, the vast majority of the residents here are not.

We do not appreciate this freaky, fringe element given legitimate status in being able to hold a debate at which Democrats are compelled to participate.

Calling out to League of Women Voters. We need your help.

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