Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama's failures can't match Bush's

A cartoon ran in the local daily today by Chip Bok, who inks some clever anti-Obama editorial cartoons, that is worth noting.

If President Obama's failures can be summed up as Solyndra, Keystone and the Chevy Volt, he's doing pretty darn well.

Solyndra refers to the solar enterprise that apparently squandered hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars after the Chinese solar companies received even greater subsidies to beat us at our own game.

Keystone refers to the Canadian pipeline that Obama rejected because the environmental impact wasn't fully weighed and the northern states it would criss-cross didn't want it anyway.

As for the Chevy Volt, GM has suspended production because of soft sales, but it doesn't mean that the Volt has failed completely. In fact, it's European cousin, the Opel Ampera, is doing quite well.

Now, compare this with George W. Bush's energy successes: Fracking, offshore oil drilling and tax breaks for buying Hummers.

Let's see, fracking uses dangerous chemicals that oil companies don't have to disclose and causes earthquakes not fully understood. Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico produced the biggest oil spill in American history by BP. And, giving tax breaks to urban drivers for buying huge, gas-guzzling SUVs sent the exact wrong message to consumers.

I'll take Obama's attempts at reasonable solutions to our energy deficiencies rather than Bush's devotion to looking backwards.

Obama looks forward to solve our problems. He is precisely what we need at the dawn of this new millennium.

It's better to fail at something hopeful than to succeed at something so detrimental to our world.

Advantage Obama.


  1. Your partisanship is being used to destroy you.

    Obama hasn't done anything about fracking nor has his EPA. Apparently, "we can't tell you what is in our fracking fluid because it's proprietary" is an solid answer for Obama. Pretty sure he just gave the green light on the southern portion of the keystone much for that one.

    More war, big business crime, debt, we still have the patriot act but now Obama "regrettably" had to sign the NDAA.

    When the bombs are dropping in Iran, remember that the same people who pushed Bush into Iraq are doing the same to Obama in regards to Iran.

    The "Obama is still not as bad as Bush" angle is pretty warped. They are one in the same, kinda like when Hulk Hogan went back and forth between the yellow suit and the black suit. Didn't really matter what side the Hulkster was on, the same person signed his paycheck. It's crazy that the professional wrestling fans are oblivious or don't seem to care that it's all a big show designed for profit and control.

  2. Liberals always find a way to blame someone else why else are the demac-RATS wanting to blame the gun lobby and gun makers for these mass shootings the vulture the shark and the donkey are partners in crime