Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Mitt-wit strikes again

Instead of your basic mega-millionaire trying to buy political office, Mitt-wit Romney is trying to portray himself as your All-American everyman merely exercising his civic duty.

But, a few of stories today would suggest being "off-message" for your average pol.

Except that Mitt-wit isn't average, he'll have you know.

No, and he doesn't come from average stock.

Mitt-wit shared what he considered a "funny anecdote" via conference call with thousands in Wisconsin about how his father, as head of American Motors, shipped jobs from Michigan to Wisconsin but tried to keep it hush-hush until after the elder Romney was elected governor of Michigan.

Yeah, that was a riot.

Then, while trying to display his bona-fide hipness on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Mitt-wit allowed that those with pre-existing conditions should be denied health insurance coverage.

And, as noted before, all of us will have pre-existing conditions once our personal genome is mapped.

I guess we all won't need health insurance. Isn't that grand.

Then, after two swings and misses, Mitt-wit was swinging for the fences when he took out permits to get an elevator installed at his home that is being rebuilt in La Jolla, Calif.

According to Politico, the re-constructed home will have a "3,600-square-foot basement -- a room with more floor space than the existing home's entire living quarters."

Oh, and that elevator, it's for cars, because if there is one thing you need in California, is an elevator for your vehicles.

Meanwhile, is it any surprise that President Obama is maintaining his leads over his potential rivals, particularly in key swing states?


Not when Mitt-wit gets to open his mouth wide enough to insert both feet and hands.


  1. That's "President Romney" to you, boy.

  2. Wow, that "President Romney" comment was just short of brilliant* and the stupendously stupid "boy" reference displays astounding ignorance and more than a hint of childish bigotry. (* That was sarcasm in case the commenter is incapable of comprehending subtlety.)

    How about trying an actual and fact-based argument instead of infantile name calling?