Wednesday, March 21, 2012

News that doesn't fit on Fox

If you want to hear opinions about the "greatness" of Republicans or how President Obama is "destroying" America, then Fox News is for you.

But, if you want to know what's going on in this country or the world, Fox News is not the place to get that information. In fact, you're likely to be mis-informed. As noted before, a recent study showed that those who don't follow the news at all know more about what's going on than those who only watch Fox News.

With that said, here are some stories that are hard to find on Fox News.

A new analysis by the Associated Press shows that drilling for more oil does not result in lower gas prices.  The typical Fox News viewer would naturally dispute the AP report, if it knew it existed, even though the reporters pored over monthly data from the past 36 years.

Here's a sample paragraph:

"Sometimes prices increase as American drilling ramps up. That's what has happened in the past three years. Since February 2009, U.S. oil production has increased 15 percent when seasonally adjusted. Prices in those three years went from $2.07 per gallon to $3.58. It was a case of drilling more and paying much more." 

And here's another:

"When Bush and running mate Dick Cheney campaigned in 2000, they argued that as oil executives they could get oil prices down, with Bush saying, `'I would work with our friends in OPEC to convince them to open up the spigot, to increase the supply.' "

"Yet it was during the last few months of Bush's term in 2008 that gas prices hit their highest: $4.27 when adjusted for inflation."

As noted in an earlier post, speculators now control 80 percent of the oil futures market and that is the primary reason we are paying so much at the pump.

Meanwhile in Tennessee, home of the Scopes Monkey Trial from the 1920s that kept the teaching of evolution out of public schools, the Republican-dominated state Senate passed an anti-evolution bill.

This prompted a response from a Nobel laureate, not that he knows anything, which is what the Fox News viewer would say.

" 'By undermining the teaching of evolution in Tennessee's public schools, HB368 and SB893 would miseducate students, harm the state's national reputation, and weaken its efforts to compete in a science-driven global economy,' said the statement signed by Stanley Cohen, who won the Nobel Prize in physiology of medicine in 1986, and seven other scientists."

As for religion, the Pew Research Center has a new poll out that shows 54 percent of Americans, and 60 percent of Catholics, say churches should keep out of politics.

 Here's a sampling:

"The number of people who say there has been too much religious talk by political leaders stands at an all-time high since the Pew Research Center began asking the question more than a decade ago. And most Americans continue to say that churches and other houses of worship should keep out of politics."

Finally, we have the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watch volunteer. Fox News barely reported the story at first, but had to join the mainstream press because the story got too big to ignore.

Judging by respondents to a recent story on, though, perhaps it's better for Fox to ignore stories that don't sit will with its core audience of racists.

Here are just two comments:

"What a shame—a tragedy, really— because the dead lil’ gangsta could’ve used “‘A-FIRM-TIV AK-SHUN” to go to kollige an play footballz and make lotsa cash munny!”

"It is obvious the un-civilized B!ACKS who dwell in the greatist nation on earth have never wanted to be part of the TEAM, they CRY and P!SS and MOAN at every given oportunity about fairness and equality, While lining up for the free ride at welfare.
The United States is cursed with these baboons, Who will never gain the ability to stand up and make it on their own without our help.
They are the eternal retarded stepchild , needfull and helpless until the end of time. "

And the beat goes on.

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