Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Madness update

As the presidential polls ebb and flow, to and fro, there is one political constant in the age of Obama:

Proving that the desert sun bakes brains beyond the beyond, the secretary of state of Arizona, Ken Bennett, requested proof from Hawaii that President Obama was born there before he could  be placed on the ballot in Arizona.

After Hawaii exposed how ridiculous this was, Bennett backed off.

“If I embarrassed the state, I apologize, but that certainly wasn’t my intent,” Bennett said in an interview with Phoenix radio station KTAR. “He’ll (Obama) be on the ballot as long as he fills out the same paperwork and does the same things that everybody else has.”

But, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County sent a deputy to Hawaii to investigate whether Obama was born in Hawaii and whether or not Hawaii is even a state.

This spring fever, though, is spreading. 

In Iowa, the state GOP is questioning Obama's citizenship. Evidently, Iowan Republicans just discovered that Obama carried Iowa in 2008.

Don Racheter, chairman of the Iowa GOP’s platform committee, said this:

 “There are many Republicans who feel that Barack Obama is not a ‘natural born citizen’ because his father was not an American when he was born and, therefore, feel that according to the Constitution he’s not qualified to be president, should not have been allowed to be elected by the Electoral College or even nominated by the Democratic Party in 2008, so this is an election year. It’s a shot at him.”

Where were these birthers in 1968 when George Romney, Mitt's dad, ran for president?

Everyone knew that George Romney was born to a polygamous sect (no, not Islamic) in Mexico but it didn't register as an issue before Romney dropped out. I wonder why? Hmm? Let's see, Romney didn't have a Mexican accent? And, even after living south of the border, he no longer had that brown glow on his skin. What could it have been?

Meanwhile, at a speech at Ohio University, the president of Fox News said "we still don't know anything about Obama."

Well, duh, he watches Fox News.

Yet another study shows that those who watch Fox News know less than those who don't.

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