Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No Big Gulp?! And other outrages

via The Onion
What's a nation to do when your basic 32-ounce cup of Mountain Dew gets banned in the Big Apple?

Well, we fight back by downing 64-ounces of Diet Coke in a single sitting, that's what.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed banning the sale of large sodas and sugary drinks at all venues in New York City.

Say what?

Yeah, Bloomberg is serious about the obesity problem in America and he wants New York to lead the way in fighting it.

Public Enemy No. 1: Big Gulp.

Well, this is America, Bloomberg. We have the freedom to be as obese as we want to be. So what if we're a nation of fat slobs. We're free fat slobs.

“New York City is not about wringing your hands; it’s about doing something,” he said in the New York Times. “I think that’s what the public wants the mayor to do.”

Say what?

Is Bloomberg a do-gooder Democrat? Or a pro-government Commie?

What in the world is going on?

Well, I like Bloomberg. He's pro gay marriage, pro gun control and sensible on immigration.

He's one of the few Republicans I could vote for. Of course, he couldn't win any Republican primary outside of New York. Actually, Bloomberg is now an independent after being a Republican and before that, a Democrat. Every lineup needs a switch-hitter.

It seems unlikely that Bloomberg will prevail on this issue. Since he hasn't been able to control guns in New York, it's likely that city will see a rise in armed robberies - all for a Big Gulp. 

Enough of obesity and Big Gulps, let's talk about the economy and the "job creators."

Okay, that's enough on the economy.

Let's get back to the birther movement. 

The Mitt-wit's new BFF, The Donald, went on an epic rant recently about Obama's birth certificate. Yes, he did this last year, too, but this is an election year.

Stay tuned, this birther story isn't going anywhere.


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  2. My goodness, your myopia amazes me. It really shouldn't, because everytime I look at your blog you've posted some mind numbing post. But still, I hold out hope that someday, some mule in Bend will kick you in the head and you will gain that rare commodity called common sense. Instead you just keep dropping deeper and deeper into the black abyss.

    Bloomberg is about as much of a republican as you are. He doesn't even qualify as a RINO, he's a RINO wannabe. The man is a pathetic joke by every measuring stick.

    Does it echo when you talk to yourself??