Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why doesn't Mitt 'Believe in America?'

Who knows why.

Can't say it's a Mormon thing, but you never know.

I received a solicitation in the mail today from the Mitt-wit's campaign that starts off with the sentence "... you are one of America's most notable Republicans ...."

Really? Moi?

Anyway, it is your standard campaign letter, but one that asks for $5,000. However, if I'm not that much of fan, the lowest amount of $100 would be acceptable to a man who is worth about $250 million.

I routinely get e-mails from President Obama's campaign and they're just asking for $3.

Mitt-wit's slogan is "Believe in America."

This from a man who stashes his millions around the world in untraceable, non-American accounts.

Why should anyone believe in Mitt if even he doesn't put his money where his mouth is?

Why should anyone give Mitt a dime?

He's got enough to waste on his ego-trip of a campaign.

It's like Meg Whitman, who Mitt praised the other day. Meg wasted her millions on a disastrous run for  governor of California.

Meg, who made her bones with eBay and now heads Hewlett-Packard, got kudos from Mitt on the day HP announced it was eliminating 27,000 American jobs, but not cutting any jobs in China.

By the way, HP only made a $7.1 billion profit in 2011, so, obviously, heads had to roll.

Mitt, who recently said he likes "to fire people," can relate to Meg.

When he ran Bain Capital, the vulture capitalists would gobble up companies, raid their coffers, force them to close and then see the jobs emerge overseas. It is job creation, just not in America.

It's clear to see that Mitt doesn't believe in America.

Maybe, during the debates in the fall, someone will ask him why not.

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