Saturday, May 19, 2012

Racists in our midst

Oregon's decision to ban Indian mascots at its schools brought forth ridiculous arguments that the state isn't doing anything about the Vikings, Irish, Scots or Highlanders among other ethnic mascots across the Beaver State.

Critics harped on the notion that the state board of education was practicing "political correctness" at its worst.

Well, it's time to for a little schooling.

Let's say the U.S. invades Norway, conquers the indigenous people and herds them onto reservations.

Then we appropriate their mascots, with horned helmets, and use them for our own entertainment purposes.

Let's see, the English did invade Ireland and, to this day, the Irish have the gall to whine about it.

Can you imagine if we landed in Galway and proceeded to expand across the Irish landscape all the way to Dublin while forcing the native people to live on land once deemed inhospitable? Then, we could start public schools and use a mascot of a drunken Irishman? (I say this as one who is proudly half-Irish).

In case you don't get my drift, the deal is this: There is absolutely no similarity between the use of a mascot of a Viking at an Oregon high school and using an Indian head with the name of "Savages" at another Oregon high school.

Only a racist couldn't differentiate between the two.

Sadly, there are still too many racists among us.


  1. Don't be such a fag.

  2. Racist AND homophobic - way to show your "school colors". (in case you're not bright enough to get it, that's what is known as sarcasm)

    How about trying an actual argument and debate the issue with facts and logic? Oh, I forgot, that's too hard for haters.

  3. Yes Bend Oregon is a great city if your white! As a Mexican I feel the hate here. I'm a Nam vet era man of 62 Yes I'm a citizen, I just don't even look at white people here! This I'm sure angers them because I take their power from them. Yes they smile at me but I feel their hate.
    I'm tired and angry of being hated when I'm willing to talk things over. I have had racial comments directed at me, I have confronted these idiots and I find them to be cowards! When they find out I speak perfect English all I see is fear. I'm leaving this country I hope you all kill each other. I'm going to China were I can be just a human being!

  4. I am 1/2 Native. I went to Jackson's corner (visiting from PDX) this last weekend and couldn't get the staring to stop. Every time I looked around, some old white dude was staring and not in an affectionate way. I was also with a very Caucasian looking dude and his kids (and my child). I'm sure that didn't help. I can definitely feel the elitist attitude. OLD WHITE MONEY here. MANIFEST DESTINY in progress. Please go back to the Rez indun lady.