Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pranks, gays and Mitt

In the game of "spin," which is what presidential politics is all about, Mitt Romney just got spun.

Or, rather he got "pranked" by a Washington Post story that was held a day because of President Obama's marriage equality proclamation.

Yes, it is absurd to dredge up stories from Mitt's high school years, but this is what he signed up for when he decided to run for president six years ago.

Obama is getting trashed for having eaten dog meat as a child. The Rev. Wright issue is being trotted out yet again. And, birthers never go away.

That Mitt was a bully at an "elite" all-male prep school shouldn't surprise anyone. Afterall, Mitt was born into the "entitlement class," which protects the status quo at all costs even if it means picking on the weak or vulnerable.

The fact that the victim almost 50 years ago was presumed gay by his classmates took on a different resonance after Obama's announcement.

Instead of attacking Obama over his new-found stance, Mitt had to apologize to "anyone he may have offended."

But, the Mitt-wit went farther off-message by saying he's now opposed to civil unions, even though he was in favor of them when governor of Massachusetts.

And, what about this message: Mitt is in favor of  gays adopting children.

The casual observer, or independent voter, may hear Mitt's comments and say, huh?

What does Mitt really stand for? He's not entirely sure himself, which is why he would rather discuss anything else but gay marriage.

Hating on homosexuals unifies the base of Mitt's support, but it doesn't reach out to those who have better ways to spend their time.

Hate is counterproductive, which means it doesn't help our current economic situation.

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  1. Here's a nice little piece about Obama's so called "backing" of gay marriage. It's a farse.