Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Telfer trounced, 68 to 32

Less than two years after being the Republican candidate for state treasurer, state Sen. Chris Telfer got stomped in her re-election bid in the GOP primary.

In the first batch of numbers tonight, Telfer was losing to Tim Knopp by a 68 percent to 32 percent margin. The second batch of numbers showed the same spread.

Four years ago, Telfer easily won her Senate seat over her Democratic opponent by 60 percent to 40 percent margin.

Knopp, a former state House majority leader and known for his nasty politics, stunned the incumbent when he announced his bid earlier this year.

And, he came out with a barrage of negative ads, paid for by the builders' organization he represents and also by the infamous Koch brothers.

Knopp is an extremist on social issues and that always plays well with the base during the primary.

Telfer, a former Democrat and therefore deemed a RINO, is a social moderate, which is consistent with the vast majority of statewide voters.

Also, Telfer did the unforgivable, in the eyes of GOP wingnuts, by working with Democrats to pass legislation that benefited not just her constituents, but all Oregonians.

After the Tom DeWolf debacle, in which another RINO was hounded out of office as a Deschutes County commissioner, here's hoping that no more Democrats go over to the dark side where the local majority, in voter numbers, resides.

Even though Knopp's hero Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat, Republicans today, particularly in Deschutes County, have no use for any former Democrat.

And, since Telfer is a woman, perhaps she now realizes that the GOP "war on women" means her, too.

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